A little information on the artist and the process.

When Brian started working with bog oak almost 20 years ago he would wait for the piece of wood to tell him what it wanted and what it should become. Now he decides exactly what he wants to create and locates a piece that will accommodate his vision. Working with the wood and all its twists and turns, the shape of the original concept has to bend and form along the lines to work in harmony with the wood. The sculpture has to stand as one whole, the sculpting process in balance with the ancient and animated lines of the bog oak.


Brian individually, carefully and sympathetically hand crafts each urn to accentuate the natural flow and form of the wood, hidden from our eyes for thousands of years. Each piece is carved, pared and whittled to release its hidden beauty from below the dark, damp, husky exterior and then fine sanded and finished with a coat of quality wax polish, ready for you to enjoy its character, history and beauty. In the words of Hans Hoffman, “eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak”


Bog oak is a precious and ancient material, formed thousands of years ago when the great oak forests of Celtic Ireland were subsumed into peat bogs. Brian has always been intrigued by this material, its heritage, character and colour. This beautiful unique and ancient wood is a natural treasure, and should be treated as such. While it is not exclusive to Ireland, it is here we seem to appreciate and value it more. Because of its nature; hard and strong but structurally weak, it is very difficult to work. As you carve this beautiful wood, compromise is required, however among the limitations is great freedom.


All orders purchased on the website will be shipped Worldwide within 24 hours. Should have have a specific requirement or wish to discuss what we can create together I encourage you to contact me through the website and I will return your communication by return. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to chatting soon.